Text from the Bergen County Audubon / Harold Feinberg Conservation Award

December 19, 2018

Judy Cinquina is an avid birder, an author, educator and mentor. For 41 years Judy has been the chair and coordinator of the Mount Peter Hawk Watch in Warwick, N.Y. She conducted 20 years of breeding bird surveys at Skylands Botanical Garden, Ringwood, N.J.

Judy has authored articles published in the New York Times, Birding, Birder's World, Bird Watcher's Digest and NJ Audubon Magazine. In 1976, as a member of the Highlands Audubon Society, she authored "A Natural History of the Northern New Jersey Highlands." Members of Fyke Nature Association look forward to Judy's "Field and Feeder Notes" in the newsletter.

Judy currently teaches Bird Watching in Midland Park Public Schools — Continuing Education. Judy's teaching goes beyond basic bird identification. Field trips, (which she carefully surveys beforehand) bring a small group of students to various locations in New Jersey.

She shares her knowledge of bird identification, mating and nesting habits, migration, and environmental challenges with enthusiasm and humor. BCAS is proud to present our Conservation award this year to Judy Cinquina, who has given so much of herself to help our birds and educate people to love and respect them the same way she does.