Celery Farm Self-Guided Exploration

This Self-Guided Exploration is designed to be used with a mobile device. Of course, the web page may be printed in advance.

There are three checklist levels and two games provided with selected plants and animals to look for and learn to identify as you walk the trail around Lake Appert, approximately one mile long. The Particular Species lists have different items for each season.

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Please Keep In Mind

The Celery Farm Natural Area is a nature preserve and serves as important habitat for the benefit of migratory and resident bird and animal species. Everyone is welcome, as long as they are mindful that they are in a wildlife sanctuary. In essence, this means keeping all pets at home, staying on the trail, keeping your voice down, and leaving the Celery Farm Nature Preserve as clean as when you arrived.

There are several reasons to stay on the trail, including ticks, poison ivy, thorns, native plants, and nesting ground birds at certain times of year.

Directions to the Celery Farm can be found here.

If you would like something to show your accomplishment, you can fill in your name on the Celery Farm Explorer Certificate of Achievement and print it out.

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