Volunteer Recognition

An Incomplete List

An acknowledgement of some of the people who have contributed their services to the maintenance and enhancement of the Celery Farm and to sustaining the Fyke Nature Association.

Stiles Thomas*

Read A Few Words About Stiles here.


Ed Fitzpatrick*

Read about the late Ed FitzPatrick, Mayor of Allendale, who was instrumental in turning the Celery Farm into municipally owned (and protected) wetlands, here.


Lillian Thomas

Watch the presentation of a proclamation in honor of Lillian Thomas here.


Carol Flanagan

Past Fyke Newsletter Editor, Big Sit Organizer, Trustee and Past President

DeeDee Burnside


Edith Wallace

Master Gardener

Fred Weber

Deputy Warden and Creator of the Celery Farm Pollinator Field

Gabriele Schmitt

Deputy Warden and Celery Farm Facebook Page Maintainer

Jim Wright

Deputy Warden and Celery Farm blogger and Bird Watcher columnist for The Record

John Brotherton*

Past President and Treasurer

Judy Cinquina

Mount Peter Hawkwatch Coordinator and Fyke Newsletter Field and Feeder Notes Writer

Kurt Muenz

Treasurer and Members Night Organizer

Lisa Safier

Longtime Butterfly Garden person

Mike Limatola

Warden and President of Fyke Nature Association

Molly Gardener

Longtime Butterfly Garden person

Pat Brotherton*

Past Newsletter Editor and Longtime Butterfly Garden person

Patty Finn

Longtime Butterfly Garden person

Pauline Oxnard*

to whom the Butterfly Garden is dedicated

Penny Whitlock

Longtime Fyke Program Director

Tom Burr*

Butterfly walk leader and naturalist


Armene "Queenie" Norian

Bill Kempey

Bruce Davis

Doug Morel

Fred Weber

Gabriele Schmitt

Irmengard "Irma" Owens

Jim Wright and Patty Finn

Judy and Neil MacLennan

Kevin Watson

Liam Conroy

Lisa Safier

Mike Buckley

Mike Limatola and Sue Dougherty

Mike Lefebvre

Tom Mitchell