Volunteers Planting Plant ID Flags

East Side Native Plant Garden

The area between Lake Appert and the Allendale Brook that is a short distance north of the Pirie-Mayhood Tower was overgrown with invasive Autumn Olive shrubs until the Fall of 2023 when a team of Fyke Nature Association volunteers systematically removed them by the hundreds, digging them up by the roots. This area was replanted with deer resistant native species in the spring of 2024. The area is enclosed by a temporary deer fence until the plants get established.

Notice the small colored flags distributed throughout the area. Each color corresponds to a different plant. The flags identify the species as shown in the color-coded table.

 Blue Mistflower50
 Foxglove Beardtongue50
 Blue Vervain50
 New York Ironweed50
 Joe Pye Weed50
 Swamp Milkweed100
 Blue Lobelia300
 Swamp Rose Mallow100
 Mountain Mint50
  Black Chokeberry32
  Groundsel Tree32
Grand Total996

You can view images of each species here.

You can find information about the plants here.

The plants and their location in the garden were all selected based on the amount of sunlight and the moisture level. The plant beds exposed to sunlight are protected with Arborist Wood Chips. The benefits of these chips are explained here.

You can watch a volunteer explain what we are doing here.

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