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Protect the Palisades

The board of the Fyke Nature Association is proud to announce that it has voted to join, the non-profit coalition that is protesting the design of a new office complex that LG wants to build in Englewood Cliffs.
The coalition does not oppose the size of the proposed building, only its height, since a high-rise would set a horrible precedence and destroy the viewshed of this amazing place.
Here's the coalition's view:
The natural beauty of the Palisades cliffs rising above the west bank of the Hudson River has long been appreciated by generations of residents and visitors to the metropolitan area. Protected for over 100 years through the efforts of citizens of New Jersey and New York, the Palisades are included in the National Natural Landmarks Program administered by National Parks Service, are listed in the National Register of Historic Places, and have been included on World Monument Fund's 2014 World Monuments Watch list. But now, LG Electronics, a multinational corporation, is planning to build an office tower that will rise high above the trees, and for the first time, violate the unspoiled ridgeline — a view enjoyed by Americans since before the founding of our nation. LG’s proposed office tower will rise 143 feet above grade—far higher than the 35-foot limit that has, until now, been respected by other companies in this area.
Visit to get more information, to sign up, to send an e-mail to LG, and to otherwise get involved.
A letter from the U.S. National Park Service opposing LG's plan is here.
An article in The New York Times this week written by four former New Jersey governors opposing the high-rise aspect of the plan is here.
A Record article about the Palisades Interstate Park Commission's opposition to the LG's high-rise plan is here.

North Harpersfield Property

George Rand and Pamela Ryder invite Fyke members to visit 135 acres of forest, field, stream, and pond in upstate NY. Please download and print this document,which contains essential information you must read before your visit, including directions, contact numbers, waiver, lodging, and area attractions. You will also want to download and print this map of the property and this release and waiver document.

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