Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: What is a Fyke?
A "fyke" is a type of fish trap made from a cylindrical net and is most often used to catch eels. In Mahwah, the area of our Association's first land preservation success, one can find Fyke Brook. Accordingly, we named the place "Fyke Park." However, after being turned over to the Bergen County Parks Department, it was renamed "Campgaw Reservation." We still like the name "Fyke" and decided to keep it for ourselves.

Q: Who owns the Celery Farm?
The Borough of Allendale owns the Celery Farm as a nature preserve.

Q: When can I visit the Celery Farm?
The Celery Farm is open free of charge during daylight hours all year round.

Q: Is the Celery Farm wheelchair or handicapped accessible?
The main loop at the Celery Farm is a path around the edges of a freshwater marsh. The trail is quite narrow and uneven in places, and often muddy or under water after rain. Volunteers do a fine job of adding wood chips where needed, and keeping the trails clear of vegetation, but we regret the paths are not suitable for wheelchairs or people with mobility issues.

Q: Is the Celery Farm a park or a nature preserve?
The Celery Farm Natural Area is a nature preserve and serves as important habitat for the benefit of migratory and resident bird and animal species. Everyone is welcome, as long as they are mindful that they are in a wildlife sanctuary. In essence, this means keeping all pets at home, staying on the trails, keeping your voice down, and leaving the Celery Farm Nature Preserve as clean as when you arrived.

Q: Why do I have to stay on the trails?
A: Several reasons, including ticks, poison ivy, thorns, native plants, and nesting ground birds at certain times of year.

Q: Why can't people fish or boat at the Celery Farm?
For two reasons. First, the Borough of Allendale passed an ordinance in the early 1990s that allows for only passive pursuits like birding and walking. Second, the CF is managed as a Natural Area, which is a NJ State designation that prohibits high-impact activities.

Q: Is Fyke a club for experts?
Not at all. We welcome all people who are interested in nature and who care about preserving our natural heritage. Among our members are lots of people who have much knowledge to share and are eager to do so, either at a meeting or on a field trip. Remember, there's no such thing as an expert amateur naturalist.

Q: How do I join Fyke?
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