How to Support Fyke when you shop at Amazon

Any purchase at Amazon made using the link from our site will benefit us. Just click on the Amazon button below.

Starting from our site works for all purchases, not just books, and it doesn't cost you anything extra. If you search for an item and decline to purchase it right away, you can go back and add it to your shopping cart within 24 hours, and the revenue share still goes to us. Once you've clicked through to Amazon and you search for further items during that visit, those count too.

There is no indication of the revenue share during checkout, but happily Fyke received $287 from Amazon in 2023.

The alternate Amazon Smile charitable program was discontinued in early 2023. However the Amazon Associates Program remains active to Fyke's benefit. So if you formerly used Smile, please now start your purchases using the Amazon button below to go to the Amazon website.

Please click on the Amazon image to support Fyke as you shop at Amazon!

And consider bookmarking this page to make opening it quick and easy.

Please note that Fyke does not endorse any particular merchant, publisher or author.